Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This one's for Pinky :o)

On my Met Monday post, Pinky, a great friend from RMS, commented that she loved the makeover of the dining room, but was wishing that I had pictures of the tablesetting and was straining trying to see it . Well, here it is, especially for YOU....Pinky, with love:

These beachy dishes was a lucky buy it a consignment store the day before I went to Charleston, to do my makerover. Hmmmmm.. I might just have to "borrow" then next time I visit. ;)

Bon Apettite Everyone...

Hmmm...nice dining room, now if we could just get a cook!
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Beach House Chic"

Last week's Met Monday I posted on a craft project using frames I found on clearance, ribbon and shells. I grouped them in sets of three for a crisp wall treatment.
This week I promised to share the room I used them in, which had just recently been updated.

The room I redesigned was my dining room condo, at the beach on James Island. This is where my daughters live while attending Dental School at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Here is the only "before" picture I could find to show you. It's a view from the kitchen into the dining room. It was dark and the table was way too small. The girls complained that the chairs were too hard and uncomfortable.

I wanted to use a small buffet table in there, but everything I found was to big and bulky for this room, so I bought a plain, brown sofa table at Goodwill and painted and white washed it for a beachy look. ( Sorry I forgot to take a before shot). The only problem was that it was the same height as the dining table, so it didn't look right. What I need to do was to make it taller, so I scratched my head and headed over to Home Depot. I looked everywhere for something that I could put under the legs to make it taller, but ran out of options.... or so I thought... until I kept walking over to the fences and posts.

I saw these fence post toppers and was excited to see if they would be the right size if I just turned them upside down.....

First I sprayed them with Kilz primer....

Then I whitewashed them to match the table and EURIKA !! From sofa table to buffet!!!! They were the perfect size for the legs and if I say so myself, the perfect little shoes it needed.

This starburst mirror was on clearance at TJmaxx.... It was the perfect size and shape. Just the wrong color.... it was gold. (I can't believe I didn't take a before shot, again).
After spraying it a shiny silver and hot gluing small mirror squares to it, I was so pleased with the results.

A brass chandelier was painted ivory for a lighter look.

This great piece was found of Craig's List for $40. It was bright white and in perfect condition. I white-washed it for that beachy look and found the RELAX sign at a garage sale for $2.
The girls needed a place for purses and shoe storage, this really hit the mark.

I wanted to give them (and myself) a much more relaxed room, where they could study or enjoy a nice dinner party with friends and play cards or board games.

The first thing I decided on was the wall color. I had seen it in a model home and loved it. It's called "Seasalt" by Sherwin Williams. It's the most pleasant, clean and spa- like color. I lucked out on finding these chairs on Craig's list. Perfect color and they are sooo comfortable. I was going to skirt them, but thought that they looked more modern just like they are. I wanted to use mostly sandy as well as window treatments.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Longest Yardsale

The World's Longest Yard Sale took place this past weekend (August 6-9) along U.S. Highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama... through Tennessee... and up to Kentucky. It gets upwards of 100,000 yard sale shoppers each year.

I visited my friend from Chattanooga and after a great lunch, we drove up to Signal Mountain to experience this flea market mecca!

This mountain is fairly high and the road is scary and windy. I'm so glad I wasn't driving!

This is actually someone's home... it's for sale right now, so you better hurry up and buy it, the view from here is "out of this world".

I just loved seeing all of mismash of junk, I mean treasures, that were there to be bought.
Just loving the signs.

Self service dental work........

"The buck stops here".........

I guess Elvis didn't want to miss out on a bargain either!

Do you think I could still order one?!?

Isn't this the cutest little out house? :p
Love the sign on it....

Here's an "ugly mug"....

and a little surprise inside....

Imagine seeing that after your first sip of coffee ...

I hope you enjoyed the ride. I didn't get much of anything, but I did spend the day in garage sale paradise and had a wonderful time with my friends.

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