Sunday, March 8, 2009

From Princess to Vintage Chic Part Two..Vintage VAVOOM !

This is part two of "From Princess to Vintage Chic".

Last week I posted about how I transformed by daughter's cream and gold little girl's princess furniture into an updated "chic" style using black and white paint.

Today I'd like to show/tell you how the room itself was transformed.

My first inspiration was wanting to keep their furniture for a variety of reasons.... (sentimental and of course it's nice to recycle and save money, at the same time.)

Okay, so now I have a black and white theme going on. The next question was, what color I would like to paint on the walls.

Well, since the furniture was vintage, I thought that the pale aqua color would lend itself nicely to the look I was going for. Plus I just love the pairing of it with black and white. The color I chose is called "La Fonda Mirage" and I believe that was a Lowe's Valspar color.

So now I've got the colors and theme going on and I need to figure out what type of bedding and acessories I want to use.

Since I wanted vintage, my first thought was to go to antique mall and wander around aimlessly until something came over and knocked me on the head!

Well, it wasn't long until I spotted something that made my heart skip a beat.....this hobnail milk glass vase. (Hobnail is a glassware design featuring an all over pattern of raised dots, forming a bumpy texture.)

My Mom had a vase identical to this one that I remember seeing filled with her garden zinnias and roses when I was growing up. Love at first site! This was the inspirational acessory that I was looking for.

I was so excited to get started on this room. So now I'm blending my daughter's childhood bedroom furniture with a part of my childhood and memories of my Mom. Not planned, but what a nice idea.

Next thing I knew, I was flying down the isles of the various stalls scouting out anything milkglass/hobnail I could find....... and find I DID!

The lady at the cash register came over and offered to give me a hand, as my arms were filling up with everything milkglass and hobnail that I could snatch up.

There were a bunch of small bud vases, some goblets, some serving pieces, a compote dish and not once did I resist. "Come to Mama", I called! By the way, the lady was looking at me with curiosity , trying not to be too nosey, but she asked anyway: "what in the world are you going to do with this stuff?"

Little did I know what I was going to find around the corner.... be still my heart, there was the coolest vintage lamp with two globes made of ...YuP...hobnail milkglass.

That was perfect! Even though it was an antique, it had a real modern twist to it and my fingers were crossed that it would work when she plugged it in.. ..... SucceSS !

"Oh", said the shop lady, "are you interested in hobnail lamps?" " " Mais oui", I said !
"Come right over yonder, we have some more for you to choose from ."

Oh my goodness, how could I choose? They were all so cute and cheap! " "I'll take them!"

So now I've got the furniture, the wall color and a gazillion milkglass acessories and lamps, great!
What's next?

I needed to figure out the bedding. Well that was going to be enough for one day. I came home with my treasures and played with them, stacked them, bunched them up, scattered them.... a tweek tweek here and a tweek tweek there.....

That was a good start.

The next day I painted the room and was so pleased to see how nicely that shade went with the black and white. I love contrast, I think it keeps a room alive and interesting. Black and white add instant dram into a room.

One of the most important elements in room design is textures and let me show you a sneak peak of all of the different textures that I was able to pack into this small bedroom:

Huh?!?.... well this must be the "unexpected"!

The following week, I decided to go treasure hunting once again, at a different antique store and the third stall I spotted this gorgeous "Popcorn" chenille bedspread. Perfect! It echoed the hobnail glass ware beautifully. Oh JOY!

So, there you have it... my "recipe" for a pulled together room. Draw from an inspiration that you love and you will be excited to find all of the elements to pull it together.

I added the zebra stripe to create a "vintage with a twist of mod". I didn't want it to be predictable, with all things vintage.

I "monogrammed this pillow using gimp and hot glue!

I painted the large frame white, took the ugly picture out of it and hung the oval mirror inside. The mirror was a garage sale find... I got two, originally gold, I spray painted them black.

Here's that modern/vintage lamp that I loved so much at the antique store... and the little chair is a perfect accent.

Displaying my milkglass collection on the dresser was so much fun. I stacked them, grouped them . See what looks like a cake stand under the black and white vase? That's a piece turned upside down with a plate on top!




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prairiedog said...

Such great choices you made,it turned out so so good.Great post,I was so anxious to see how it was all going to look(like reading a good book and reading and reading because yuou need to know how it ends)Throwing that zebra in was just the designer touch!

Susan said...

Beautiful! Amazing how your idea all came together...and it looks amazing!


Shelia said...

Oh, my goodness, Rose! This room has turned out to be a stunner! Who would have come up with this but you? The milk glass pieces look wonderful. Love the zebra stripe with the vintage bedspread and the wall color! It's all so very lovely! You really have the touch, Dear One!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

Turned out so beautiful!!~Athella

Jill said...

The room looks like something out of a magazine. You're amazing! I love the color for the wall you chose! I am blown away by your work!

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Rose, The room is absolutely stunning! You're such a talented lady. How long did it take you to paint, etc? Have the girls seen it yet? You're so amazing! ♥

Mrs. B. Silly said...

OMG, I love it! What wonders a little paint and talent can do. Tres magnifique!

Bo said...

Hi Rose...Beautifully told story about building this gorgeous room.
This room needs to be on HGTV! You are a design STAR! ;-) Bo

carolinajewel said...

WOW! Your furniture last week look great, but the room with the furniture is stunning! Love hearing your inspiration and thought process for the whole thing. :D Jewel

KBeau said...

Are the shoes for you or your daughter?

Love all the hobnail stuff, especially the lamps.

Lou Cinda said...

Oh ~ My ~ Stars!!! I love this room! I love the color, the contrast is stunning! The textures are to die for! I love the little black and white chair!! I love it!! I am coveting this room! (Is that a sin?) I WANT it!
Great Job Rose!!

Lou Cinda :)

Linda/"Mom" said...

*** TALK about TALENT, CREATIVITY and a DELIGHTFUL PERSONAL STYLE n' SENSE of FLAIR!!! My gooooodness, this was such a fun "trip" to join you in taking... loved reading it all, seeing the pics and how the "artist's mind" really "works"! Girlfriend Rose, Y-O-U are one enjoyable lsdy! Many thanks for sharing this all! Warmly, Linda

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

I love how you transformed the furniture pieces- so unique and original.

Love all the milkglass pieces! You have done an amazing job!!


xashee's corner said...

oh that room turned out FANTASTIC! you did a GREAT job! Thank you so much for sharing such WONDERFUL inspiration! :) Have an AWESOME day!!

susan said...

Oh MY Goodness!! Every detail and accessory thought out to perfection!! I love the chenille spread with the monogrammed pillows--This room is such a great combination of retro and modern!!

tardevil said...

My daughter has the same kind of zebra shams. Love the suitcase & all of the milk glass (or course I collect that too!) You were fortunate to find so much hobnail. Also like the black/white porcelain pitcher.

Cathy said...

Love your choice of colors, so much eye candy, well done! I especially enjoyed the miniature chair on the nightstand.

Justine/Justiney/Tiney said...

Rose, I don't even have adequate words to express how impressed I am with how this room turned out. It's just EXQUISITE. Could you please come to FL and decorate my house? Pwease???????/

Justine :o )

imjacobsmom said...

I love hobnail milk glass - it reminds me of my Gramma. I was thinking in my head - she needs a "popcorn" or "hobnail" chenille bedspread! When sure enough there it was! Perfect! Everything turned out beautifully! ~ Robyn

Scribbler said...

This is just my kind of doings! Lucky little girl!

My office is painted in a lighter shade of aqua and the other stuff is black and white.

I love your collection of milk glass -- a cousin of mine has the biggest collection I've ever seen -- I drool over it every time I visit.


Helen said...

What an amazing endeavor! Good job, Ms. Rose!

Mabry's gamma said...

What a wonderful job you did and each idea just fell into place. Don't ya just love when a plan comes together?


PS- that wall color would have been my choice too.

Linda said...

Wow what a redo, love it, especially the furniture, great job!
This was such a fun post to see!
Linda Q

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Rose, this was wonderful -- the suspense of the post was almost too much though! I was so tempted to skip to the bottom and see how beautiful it all looked! Then, I started thinking, what if she's just teasing us, and she's not even going to show a picture of the finished room! I was going to be mad if that's what you were doing! The room is pretty with the beautiful antiques and the touches of glamour! I love it. You are so smart and so creative! laurie

Linda said...

Oh, my goodness! That is fantastic! Love everything you did. But the most clever thing was the gemp monogramming - how in the world did you ever think of that? Love it all! Linda

Domestic Designer said...

Wow! You did a fabulous job. Guess what my bedroom growing up had the white furniture you painted. I wish I had it back now! Love the milk glass too. My mom has a collection. Maybe I could permanently borrow some of hers. :) Have a great day!

~CC Catherine said...

Rose, THIS TURNED OUT SO STUNNING>>>>>I totally am in love with this entire makeover! did a tremendous job on this! ~CC Catherine LOVE IT ALL~

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Great details! I also have several milkglass/hobnail pieces but have definitely got to keep my eye out for some awesome lamps like those. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa (aka) French said...

OMG you have been holding out on us this is gorgeous!!! You know I love that chair and well everything it's a truly beautiful room;) French

Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Such DETAILS that come together beautifully. That is one gorgeous room. It was so fun to see how you put this all together.

Know what I'm sick about? I had that same "girlie" princess dresser that my daughter's used. Yep, we sold it at a garage sale. Look what I could have done with it! :(

Thanks for stopping by to see my red dining room today!


Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Love the hobnail accents...and the wall color is great! It's all coming together beautifully! Wonder what you daughter will think...she'll won't to steal it for her own! :-) Susan

kayleeg2005 said...

okay, I am lost for words here, OMG! That is the most fabulous bedroom makeover I have ever seen!!
you have to put it on Rate My Space, It's just to fabulous to keep to yourselves, great job!!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi there! thanks for visiting me. you have no idea how easily we could play cards! we leave may 9th for our summer home in north georgia!

smiles, bee

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi again, i could not find an email address. mine is

our home is south of blairsville and we go may 10th until around the first of november.

cruises??? honey that's my middle name! my best was a back to back 12 day med cruise with a transatlantic home! 28 days on the carnival freedom in a beautiful suite. i like to go six times a year but this season i snuck in one extra one next month. i count my year from fall to spring for some reason because i don't cruise in hurricane season.

later gator!

smiles, bee

Susan said...

That bedroom redo is beautiful!

nikkicrumpet said...

It was so fun to watch your choices come together into such an awesome room!!! I love it!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

What a beautiful room! I love everything you do...and the color of the walls is fabulous!

Sue said...

Hey Rose....I am amazed by the work you did on this room....Being a huge milk glass fan and collector I was thrilled to see all you found....It must have cost you a small fortune.....the aqua color was perfect choice for the black and white and I used to sell that furniture when i worked for Sears...can't believe how good it looks painted black...but I was most impressed with all the milkglass you found in one place at one time....Sue.
p.s. did you watch the ladies last night and see the van Kempens in their "blow-up" pool in their tacky back yard...It was very funny, they looked like idiots...

lvroftiques said...

Hi Rose! *waves* It was great to hear from ya! I sure remember this room from RMS! I was so inspired by your use of the hobnail motif! You took something old, and really did the most wonderful fresh modern spin on it! Amazing job! Vanna

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness! How gorgeous! Everything looks perfect. Love it all!!!! Blessings, Nancy

Picket said...

Wow girl...I loved this post....I was hanging on to every word and pic! The room turned out fabulous!!!! Now you have me wanting to look for milk glass lamps!!! Great job on putting everything together like that...I bet your daughter loves it!

Chari said...

Mornin' Rose...

Was so glad to find your note at my place yesterday...thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, my friend!!!

Girl, I'm so sorry that I've been so slow at getting over here...I see that you've posted a couple of things that I hadn't seen! I left you a message on your "Ivy League"'s fabulous!!!

Well my friend, I'll never forget when I first seen this beautiful room on's truly one of the prettiest bedrooms that I've ever seen!!! I love your color combinations...all the black & white with the very beautiful! I just can't believe the transformation of your daughter's's absolutely stunning in the black & white...and that of my favorites!!! I love how you did the fabric crown above the bed...tres chic!!! Well, I could just go on and on (just like RMS days...hehe!) I'm so glad that you described your design process for this inspirational!!! I think many people have a difficult time changing decor and designing a room, this will be so helpful to them...I sure did enjoy reading how you went about it!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Sweetie!!!

Warmest wishes,

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love the hobnail milk glass!!!
I collect that as well!!!!!!!!And the Carnival Glass that I so love, You know Santamaker, I usually feel pretty creative until I come to your blog, lol

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Amanda said...

Hi there, came across your blog when searching for the name of the dresser set I have. I have the squat one like yours and a tall one too. What type of paint did you use on the dresser? I'd like to keep mine too if I can find a paint that would last. LOVE what you did with that room!! Hope, hope, hope you get this! Thanks.

santamaker said...

Hi Amanda,

I used Kilz primer on it first, because it has a glossy finish. Then I used Krylon Fusion. It's a spray paint(I think that was the name, it's the one that states it can be used on any surface even plastic). You can find this at Walmart or Home Depot/Lowes. Good luck!

Honeybabes said...

I have been looking for this original set everywhere! Do you know what the set is called? PLEASE if anyone on here knows please let me know!!! Thanks!


Honeybabes said...

I have been looking all over for this furniture set! Do you have any idea what it is called. I have one piece and would like more. PLEASE let me know! Thanks!!!


cheer.whitney said...

I have the same furniture as your daughter! I love it! I am in the middle of re-doing my room as well, but since the furniture belonged to my grandmother I have chosen not to refinish it but keep the colors and and use a golden yellow and blue color scheme. I was wondering if you knew the name of the company that made the furniture? I am looking for a night stand that matches the one I already have!