Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yippeeeee I was tagged, y'all !

Judy at Gracious Southern Living has tagged me , so for fear that the blogging police might come knocking at my door, I feel compelled to spill the beans......... (make those coffee beans...yum)

1. I lived in an orphanage/convent in southern Spain from the age of 4 to 6.

2. English was my third language.
3. I was adopted and brought to the U.S. when I was 7.
4. I went to college, graduated first in my class with a degree in Education and never taught!!!
5. I wrote about how I met my wonderful husband, sent it in to Reader's Digest and they published it!!!

6. My favorite food is "Escargots".... in the south ......... that's SNAILS....... y'all !
7. I'm 5 Foot nothing with my heels on !!!!!
That's ME ................ ^

I try to follow the rules honestly, but there is no blogger out there that I visit that has not already gotten this invitation, so if you haven't gotten this , feel tagged and let us get to know ya better, K?.... also, could someone tell me how to do a link to Judy's blog? I am struggling everyday to figure out how all this blogging stuff works !!!

Now please go to Gracious Southern Living and visit all of the other blogs that got this assingment and DO YOUR HOMEWORK......YA HEAR?!?

PS.. I tagged Chris at Chris'scorner and Sarah at Abeachcottage so go check them out soon!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Avez vous du Toile?

I am a huge fan of Toile....especially blue and yellow...such a cheerful combination.. so when I spotted these little plates a couple of years ago, I had to grab them. Here I combined them with a gold charger, yellow place mat and white dinner plate.
Remove Formatting from selectionThe linen napkin is secured with a mini blueberry wreath.....

This is my favorite... I used a blue willow dinner plate under it and i think it really made the colors pop... the toile place mat really sets it off..

In French, toile means fabric or linen... the pattern was created in a small village near Versailles, called Jouy.....in 1760 by Christopher Philippe Overkampt..Usually the designs depict love, travel, royalty, mythology or a pastoral countryside. These designs remain popular and are considered classics .
Now..............bring on the French Fries !!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hurry, people, I need an intervention...Anyone know the way to the "Rooster Rehab"?

Blame it on Susan.... BetweenNapsOnthePorch...
She has started a "Friday at the Classy Flea" post and just like a junkie, I look at the stuff and just have to have it!! Take a look at the "damage" .....

My BFF Margie from Maryland came for a visit last week and I had to take her to the Flea. Although she's not a fan of thriftstores or fleamarkets, as you well know this ain't your Mama's Fleamarket. It's so nice and doesn't smell of old stuff !!! This was by far my favorite find and she must have just taken the picture of it for her post right before I snatched it up!!! The guy at the counter commented, " I hope he's going to a good home, he's one of my favorites"! Oh, yes, I replied... he will be joining Rooster Manor and will be ruling the roost there!

I got this cute little needlework Fall pillow on a prior trip there... Duchess was trying to tell me that I was wasting my time on the pillow when I should have been focusing on her...

A sweet little oil dipping set with a French twist ! Avez vous du Grey Poupon?

Here is the hen that I got on my first trip to the Flea. She is so comfy in the porch, but might have to come in when the weather gets cooler... I would love to make a lamp outa her....

Here is my favorite silhoute... I was trying this lamp out in different places, but decided that I like it better in the first picture...

Okay, you might be thinking, what in the world made you buy those old windows? Well, for one they were only 3.50 a piece and I have some ideas as to how I will use them. Got any suggestions?

Just look at this gorgeous pediment filled with lemons! It had been reduced to $18. and I will find the perfect spot for it!This is an interesting candle holder... got a pair , they were $5 a piece and I liked the designs on it. Looks a little tuscan... we'll see were these end up


So after all of that shopping, we went to the best BBQ shack in the south... Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q..... Oh my goodness, they should bottle up the smell and sell it for perfume. A little dab behind the ears and your man will be all over you! LOL... the food wasn't bad either. I had the BBQ pulled pork sandwich on garlic toast... and Margie allowed me one or two of her french fries...she doesn't like to share her food! Specially not her dessert! When she sends me the pictures of the stuff (I mean treasures), that she got I will share those with ya!

P.S.....Here are Margie's finds: A King size Matelese set with pillow shams and bedskirt which she had to cram into her suitcase... a cute ceramic welcome sign, a rooster and a finial... not pictured is a purse, a halloween figurine and the most amazing handsculpted dragon which hangs from the ceiling...for her daughter!

This isn't the dragon she bought, but very similar in different colors... her DD LOVED it.
Here's a sign that summed up our visit... isn't this the truth?!?

Isn't this the perfect spot? I just love it here... thanks, Margie for twisting my arm to buy it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

*** Fall Explosion***

For those of you that wanted a "closer" look at my fall decor in mykitchen..........
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

*~* Fall is in the Air*~*

I just love the Fall season... decorating the table with berries and pumpkins
I had sworn off getting anymore roosters, but this one had to come home with me. He adds so much color to the tablescape...
I have some red and white dishes that I bought at the Charlotte Antique Mart... the vendor said that they came from a convent... it has leaves running around the perimeter. I paired it with my italian handpainted plates with fruit for an interesting mix...
Sometimes we eat on the 'breakfast bar", for a change of scenery...

This plate is "Home Sweet Home" An American Subject . Currier and Ives....

So much fun to play around with different little fall accents...

I made the napkins from dish towels and the white linnen ones with the peek-a-boo battenburg lace came from an antique store.
Have fun with your dishes and whip up some inspiring tablescapes!